Lei Wang’s Coursework

(also include 2013 onward)

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2010 -2011

  • Climate Dynamics of the Earth and Other Planets, N Nakamura, Geophysical Sciences
  • Advanced Topics in Climate Dynamics, R Pierrehumbert, Geophysical Sciences
  • Physical Oceanography, D MacAyeal, Geophysical Sciences
  • Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, R Pierrehumbert, Geophysical Sciences
  • Math Methods for Physical Sciences, J Cowan, Mathmatics
  • Numerical Hydrodynamics, T Dupont, Computational and Applied Mathmatics


  • Radiation Transfer Theory (with a focus on grey radiation), R Pierrehumbert, Geophysical Sciences
  • Intro to Numerical Techniques for Geophysical Sciences, F Ciesla, Geophysical Sciences
  • Math Methods of Physics, R Hill, Physics
  • Laboratory Course on Weather and Climate, N Nakamura, Geophysical Sciences
  • Mathmatical Computation III: Numerical Methods for PDE’s, F Cattaneo and P Fischer, Statistics


  • Radiation Transfer Theory (with a focus on scattering), R Pierrehumbert, Geophysical Sciences
  • Numerical Methods for Earth Sciences, D Abbot, Geophysical Sciences
  • Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, N Nakamura, Geophysical Sciences


  • Radiation Transfer Theory (with a focus on real gas radiation), R Pierrehumbert, Geophysical Sciences
  • Introductory to Glaciology, D MacAyeal, Geophysical Sciences
  • Chaos and Predictability, L Smith, Statistics


  • Physics of the Earth, F Richter, Geophysical Sciences
  • Academic and Professional Writing (also known as the little red schoolhouse), English Language and Literature


  • Advanced Topics in Climate Dynamics, T Shaw, Geophysical Sciences
  • Large-Scale Ocean Dynamics, M Jansen, Geophysical Sciences
  • Turbulence and transport processes in the atmosphere and oceans (audit), M Jansen, Geophysical Sciences